Black Robin Pens – Romeo

Most of the pens I own are from mainstream manufacturers, but there are a few small independent makers that I follow on Instagram whose work I really enjoy looking at. That said, I relegated myself to lurking their feeds and never actually commissioned a custom pen from any of them until I saw the work… Continue reading Black Robin Pens – Romeo

Hand Painting Pens – Giving Some Personal Style To An Inexpensive Purchase.

Erin and I embarked on a little art project this past week. We took some inexpensive pens (Luoshi Matte Black Cigars that we ordered from Truphea), and decided to spend some time personalizing them. The two of us had been a little obsessed with looking at pictures of hand-painted and customized pens online lately. While we… Continue reading Hand Painting Pens – Giving Some Personal Style To An Inexpensive Purchase.

Top 5 Starter Fountain Pens for 2021

Looking to get started with your first pen? Or want to pen-able someone with a writing instrument that will serve them well for years to come? Here are five pens that in my experience make excellent departure points for the neophyte fountain pen enthusiast. Diplomat MagnumThis pen is all about the nib. Rarely has a… Continue reading Top 5 Starter Fountain Pens for 2021

My 2021 Journaling & Notebook System

Every year, in the week between Christmas and the New Year, I schedule several days off to take a sort of personal retreat. I'll usually turn on my auto-responder and go dark for 4-5 days to focus on planning, self-reflection, and getting ready for the year ahead. Part of this retreat is assessing and revising… Continue reading My 2021 Journaling & Notebook System

Adding Fuel to The Fire – What Inspired Me In March 2021

I love the different cutaway shapes on the sections of these vintage Montblanc pens. Favorite Traveler's Notebook Accessories (via The Gentleman Stationer) Adobe Photoshop's 'Super Resolution' Made my Jaw Hit The Floor. (via Peta Pixel) The Absolute Best Way to Boil Eggs According to So Many Tests (via Food 52) The Best Fountain Pen in… Continue reading Adding Fuel to The Fire – What Inspired Me In March 2021

Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Marietta

Are we too quick to blame our tools for things that aren't their fault? Does an inability to perceive our own flaws influence how we form an impression of something? Can we push back and adapt to these issues to grow long-term? I promise you this is still a pen review. But I need to… Continue reading Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Marietta

Blank Slate Paper Co. Custom Pads

(The paper pads in this review were purchased by me at a discount using a code that Blank Slate Paper provided for review purposes — Stick around till the end of this article to get your own code for 15% off Blank Slate products). How long have you been searching for the perfect paper pad… Continue reading Blank Slate Paper Co. Custom Pads

Always Inked — Lamy Studio

The first "nice" pen I ever bought was a Lamy Studio. Until that point, I had been on the periphery of writing with fountain pens — preferring to use cheaper disposable fountain pens like the Platinum Preppy, or buying and then immediately losing Pilot Metropolitans). I liked how they wrote and how they felt in… Continue reading Always Inked — Lamy Studio

Adding Fuel to The Fire – What Inspired Me In February 2021

St. Patrick's day is just around the corner — time to break out the green pens. James Baldwin on The Impossible Cool As someone who loves discovering new music — I've been really inspired by the weekly roundup of albums that Brad from Pen Addict has been sharing on Instagram. I've even started keeping a similar… Continue reading Adding Fuel to The Fire – What Inspired Me In February 2021